Change to Ownership of Rocky Hills Retreat

It has been a great pleasure and honour to have been a custodian of this special place and, with a wonderful team, create and operate the Rocky Hills Retreat. Many thousands of our beloved guests from Australia and all over the world have enjoyed the space, just relaxed, got engaged, married, celebrated birthdays and many other rituals. I want to thank the Avalon ‘A’ team and all the people involved in helping to make Rocky Hills Retreat such a special and memorable place.

It is now time to pass the custodianship on and Curtis Fox has come from the other side of the world, drawn to Rocky Hills by that magnetic force that keeps us all coming back to Tasmania. We wish Curtis all the very best in shaping Rocky Hills Retreat to his vision of a place of healing and respite.

Thank you so much Brett. I acknowledge and truly respect the special work Brett has done over the past decades making Rocky Hills Retreat the astonishing place it is today – and I plan on maintaining and growing the relationships that she and her team have fostered with guests and in the community.

My family have lived in Tasmania for generations, and I spent much of my youth here. After growing up in Sydney and more recently spending a decade living in London, I’ve always wanted to make Tasmania home again, and I’ve finally returned to follow my heart and dreams on the stunning East Coast.

I’ve recently trained as a Yoga instructor specialising in the treatment of trauma and I recognise the importance of nature and community as being instrumental for transformation. More than anything, I plan on keeping Rocky Hills Retreat a unique place for renewal, healing, and growth.

Curtis became the new owner of Rocky Hills Retreat on 12 August 2022.

Below are the new Rocky Hills Retreat and contact number:


Phone:  1300 67 77 08


We continue to operate Avalon Coastal Retreat and look forward to seeing all our friends at the Retreat soon.

Warmest regards
Brett Torossi