Terms & Conditions

Coastal Retreat

Avalon Coastal Retreat is very special place. By booking with us you agree to the following terms and conditions so that it continues to stay that way.

Who can stay

We’re happy to accommodate guests over the age of 12. The retreat is not suitable for young children or pets. A maximum of 6 guests are permitted to stay overnight in 3 queen-sized beds. Should you wish to invite a small number of additional visitors (a maximum of 4 extra) please check with Avalon Coastal Retreat’s host first. For all functions we charge a function fee and refundable security deposit, see below or go to the functions page on our website. Small functions of up to 25 people at Avalon Coastal Retreat must include a minimum 2-night stay and wedding and larger functions of 26 – 50 people require a minimum 3-night stay and an event coordinator or person responsible for communicating with our host.  Avalon works exclusively with Bek Burrows to coordinate, style and plan the elopements and intimate weddings we host here.  Bek and her small but mighty team create individualised exquisitely styled elopements and weddings that place you at the heart of your own story.

From designing hand written stationery, sourcing & arrangement of seasonal floral & foliage creations & tailoring just the right seating configuration, Bek personally looks after every detail of your occasion.  By engaging Bek early in your planning process you can benefit greatly from the close relationships she has formed with other unique Tasmanian suppliers; enabling her to ensure every element in the perfect fit & removing the stress that can come with executing such a memorable event.


Avalon Coastal Retreat is located at 11922 Tasman Highway, Rocky Hills. Take care when entering and exiting the property as the Tasman Highway is the main East Coast connector and has a speed limit of 100  km/h at the property. We have car spaces to accommodate a maximum of 10 cars (depending on size) to be parked in the driveway and under the carport. Please don’t park on the native poa (tussock grass). If more people are required to be transported to Avalon Coastal Retreat, hire of a bus is required. Entry level disabled access is available.

Checking In And Checking Out

Check in is at 3pm. Check out is strictly at 11am because we need to get the retreat looking beautiful for our next guests.

The Money Bit: How You Pay Us


Standard bookings

50% deposit is required to secure your booking. The balance of your payment is due when you check in at Avalon Coastal Retreat. Minibar charges will be processed after check out, using the credit card you provide to us upon check-in.

Function Bookings

Function Fee Charges and Refundable Security Deposit Charges 2023–2024 (These charges are in addition to the base accommodation tariffs)


$1,050 per night Monday – Thursday
$1,250 per night Friday, Saturday and Sunday

These tariffs are for the entire property, accommodating up to six guests in three luxurious bedrooms in queen sized beds.

Please note: We have 3 night minimum restrictions on long weekends and a 5 night minimum at Easter and a 4 night minimum at Christmas each year.

Function Tariff Charges and Refundable Security Deposit Charges 2023 – 2024 (These charges are in addition to the base accommodation tariffs above)

Up to 10 people $1,500.00 $500.00 Refundable Security Deposit
11 – 25 people $3,000.00 $2,000.00 Refundable Security Deposit
26 – 35 people $5,000.00 $3,000.00 Refundable Security Deposit
36 – 50 people $7,000.00 $3,000.00 Refundable Security Deposit
  • Any online bookings for functions are not valid until accepted and confirmed by the booking office. Function bookings can only be made by contacting our booking office directly.
  • 50% deposit of total cost is required to secure a function booking, with full balance required 30 days in advance of your booking. In addition, a refundable security deposit of up to $3,000 is also required 30 days prior to check in. (See fees table above)
  • A valid credit card number is to be provided 30 days in advance for any minibar charges.
  • All function booking guests are required to fill out a function questionnaire as provided by the booking office.
  • Small function bookings of 11- 25 people must include a 2-night stay at Avalon Coastal Retreat. Wedding and larger function bookings of 26 – 50 people must include a 3-night stay and are for one function only. These bookings must include the night prior to your function to allow for function set up, and the night after the date of your function to allow time to pack down, remove all items and return the property to the condition it was in upon check-in.  36-50 person function bookings must also use an event coordinator or person responsible for communicating with our host. We recommend Bek Burrows.
  • Full payment and security deposit must be received by us 30 days prior to your stay. Please call our booking office on 1300 36 11 36 to make final payment via credit card or, direct deposit, please email stay@avalonretreats.com.au with your receipt of payment if paid by direct deposit.
  • When booking, guests are required to provide a valid credit card number which will be used to process minibar charges upon check out.
  • Bookings are strictly for one function only. Eg. A buck’s night and hen’s party followed by a wedding and after party is not allowed.

Cancellation Conditions

Standard Bookings

Any cancellations made prior to 14 days of arrival date attract a $100 administrative fee. As we would naturally prefer you to stay with us, should you wish to postpone instead of cancel your stay, we are happy for you to transfer your deposit to another time within 12 months. Non-arrivals and any cancellations or postponements on or within 14 days notice attract the full tariff being charged.

Function Bookings

Non-arrivals and any cancellations on or within 30 days of arrival date attract the full tariff being charged.

The Overboard Clause

One of the things you will understand when you come and stay with us is that we trust you with all kinds of beautiful and precious spaces. It is a condition of your stay that you leave the retreat as you found it. If the property is not left how you found it, both internally and externally, we will charge you for extra cleaning plus the cost of any repairs from damage or loss. Believe us, you don’t want to make it on our special small list – it’s the ‘banned’ list! To avoid this please do the following:

  • We only permit outdoor smoking. Cigarette butts are to be placed in appropriate receptacles. People who throw their butts into the precious wilderness will be placed on the aforementioned banned list.
  • Remove any rubbish to the allocated bins in the carpark. This includes removing all cigarette butts, beer, wine bottles and cartons, decorations, vegetation, flowers and sticks left by merry function guests. Any rubbish beyond the capacity of our bins is the responsibility of the guests to be removed.
  • Do not throw food scraps outside as our lovely staff will have to pick them up  before our next guests arrive. Food scraps will harm, not help our local native wildlife.
  • Vacuum and mop accordingly.
  • Stack the dishwasher and turn it on before you leave.
  • Return all furniture to its original location before you check out, and lift furniture when moving it to avoid additional charges for scratching floors.
  • Due to the location of the venue, we do not allow the use of gaffa tape, sticky tape or Blu-Tack, fireworks, hay bales, wood or bead-fired BBQs or fire pits, sparklers, confetti, glitter, rice or flower petals at the property. (Bubble blowers are fine!)

The house and grounds must be respected at all times and we reserve the right to enter and inspect the property at any time if we feel appropriate to do so. We also reserve the right to remove any guests who do not adhere to this condition. Any breach of the terms and conditions will result in guests being removed from the property.

Have fun but make sure everyone keeps themselves and Avalon nice. In other words leave the property as if you had just thrown an unsupervised party at your grandmother’s place.

Credit Card Charges

1.5% for Visa and MasterCard

*prices are subject to change at 1st January each year. Rates are current to 31st December 2023